To Ship or Not to Ship ... that is the Question!

As you may be aware, we're located on the southern end of Vancouver Island... the Zest Coast, Left Coast, Big Wet Island... we'll take it all! 

As such, getting our products to YOU our dear supporters and fans, is one of the challenges we face. Many of you are right here and so we've offered 'In-Studio Pick Up' as an option to shipping. Sadly, we're going to take that option down for a while because so many customers were ticking that box even though it didn't apply to them... the poor dears don't get to live on the Left Coast... 

So, for those of you who DO live here in the rain with me, just drop me a note or give me a shout and we'll make arrangements... and we'll see if this fixes the problem!

Many thanks for your understanding, all! cheerio! Beth xo 


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