Dragonfly Dreaming® Handy Therapy Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer™
Dragonfly Dreaming® Handy Therapy Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer™

Dragonfly Dreaming Organics®

Handy Therapy Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer™

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With so many concerns about alcohol-based chemical hand sanitizers, we decided to do something about it - so we concocted up this lotion/aloe vera gel laden with the essential oil blend in our famous ‘Bon Homme’ all-purpose cleaner - which has been shown in lab tests to kill the SARS virus! - and topped it off with lovely Bay Rum essential oil, to deliver a fast acting and moisturizing lotion that still disinfects. A tiny bit does the trick. You’ll be amazed - and your hands will thank you for it.

We recommend it for those who share keyboards, cash - (dare I say 'filthy lucre' ?)  - and other potential sources of bacteria; during cold and flu season and of course those whose hands are constantly being washed and disinfected. We've had a bottle at the check-in at our local gym for a while now and folks are really happy to to use a bit before handing the equipment (though it is being taken care of by our Bon Homme cleaner!).

This blend contains organic oils of calendula, sunflower, evening primrose, grapeseed and apricot with shea butter, papaya, aloe vera and grapefruitseed extracts, lavender hydrosol, Vitamin E and purified water as well as our proprietary anti-bacterial essential oil blend.

It is FREE of gluten, alcohol, animal and nut oils, chemical fragrance or colour, phthalates and parabens.  

Available in a 240 mL unbreakable bottle with convenient pop-top for easy dispensing. And of course our handsome vintage design, based on one of our old postcard albums... 


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