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Sacha Skin Salvation Body Oil™

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Sacha Inchi oil is a Peruvian Amazon 'superfood', used by the Inca people for centuries for both food and skin care. Today it is receiving rave reviews around the globe due to its exceptional omega 3 content. 

Since we began our innovative work with Sacha Inchi oil in 2009, our 'Rainforest Organics' skin care line has become incredibly popular ("better than botox!" we're told!). We're very proud to be helping to support communities in the upper Amazon who are growing the plant and the small-scale Peruvian family-owned company which is bottling and sending it to us on Vancouver Island. We already love it and hope you will too!

Perfect for extreme moisturizing, healing sunburns, as well as tattoos (both new and old)!  Especially recommended for extremely dry skin and eczema conditions. 

Latest feedback - "Dear Dragonfly Dreaming...Sacha Face Crema....This is the best stuff on the planet!" Wow!

Here's some feedback on Sacha Skin Salvation:

"The (Sacha Skin Salvation) oil is FABULOUS! Oh my goodness! It is magic. I put some on Aliyah's red and raised eczema patch on her wrist and hand and it was so calm this morning. She woke up and exclaimed "Mama, look!". And by the way, we have discovered her eczema is a wheat or gluten allergy. Keeping her gluten-free is a full-time job and when she gets skin exacerbations it's because she had a cookie or gluten product somewhere!" 

Contains •+Sacha Inchi oil, •kukui oil, organic •calendula oil, organic •+poplar bud oil, essential oils of rose geranium and bitter orange and soy-based Vitamin E - contains NO petrochemicals, phthalates, synthetic fragrance oils, dyes or parabens, no gluten, no animal, mineral or nut oils. Vegan. 

(• = certified organic or de facto organic ingredients,  + = non-timber forest product)


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