Dragonfly Dreaming® Bug Her Off! Insect Deterrent Spray™

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Bug Her Off! Insect Deterrent Spray™

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Our natural insect deterrent spray, safe for children, and successfully tested in the Canadian North (in the summer), the Australian Outback, and northern BC (where the mozzies are big enough to carry goats away, they say).

Bug Her Off™ contains organic Australian Eucalyptus radiati essential oil, but no nasty citronella pong... in fact, people say they LOVE the scent (one individual even says she uses it as pillow spray!). 

Contains no DEET or chemicals of any kind, only organic lavender hydrosol, a splash of vodka, witch hazel and essential oils.

Apply every few hours for best effect. Do not expect miracles. Obviously use common sense, don't spray into eyes and in the case of children or sensitive individuals it's better to spray clothing instead of skin. Do an inner wrist skin test in cases of extreme sensitivity. Discontinue use if a rash occurs. 

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