Framed Prints by Sitka Designs

We know it's not easy to reach Vancouver Island. The scents, the landscapes, the nature, the culture... all unique and special, but, well, FAR out! 

Our photographer, Kate Lischeron, has been adding a very important dimension to our design work - especially the stunning images she's been snapping of our products out in the natural environment. 

Through our social media pages, we've had a lot of positive comments on Kate's pix, and we decided to share a selection of her work - with her new design company, Sitka Designs - for purchase through our Dragonfly Dreaming site.  

So even though you might not be able to get to the Big Island yet, here are some images to inspire your next trip! Prints are 8"x10" and are delivered in a black wood matted frame that is 13"x17". 

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