'butt neked' Baby Wash™

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'butt neked' Baby Wash™

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For babies of all ages, a gentle coconut and glycerin cleanser for hair and body. It’s free of colour, parabens, sodium laurel sulphate, phthalates and scent of any kind (either natural essential oils or synthetic fragrance/perfume). We have been using it for years and recommend it for babies, children, chemically sensitive individuals and those who wish to wash without synthetics and toxins.  

'butt neked' Baby Wash™ lets your baby smell like your baby - not some ‘product’. It contains NO fragrance oils, mineral oils, animal or nut oils and hasn’t been tested on animals. For external use as a shampoo/bath gel. Supervise use with kids (they’ll waste it); use common sense and avoid eyes.

250 mL unbreakable recycled + recyclable PET bottle. Not super bubbly - this isn't bubble bath.  

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