Dragonfly Dreaming® Suns'n'Roses Rose Petal Healing Salve™

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Suns'n'Roses Rose Petal Healing Salve™

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Our famous Rose Petals Healing Salve™ was formulated almost two decades ago for extreme wrinkle care around the eye area. We then discovered that it is really a remarkable blend for all kinds of issues... from dropping lawn mowers on bare feet (do not attempt this), to third degree burns, motorcycle accident 'road rash' (so called) and severe bruising...

Use for wind and sun burns, scrapes, scratches, eczema, bruises, insect bites, chaffing, chapped hands, lips and noses, rashes and all owwies. The high percentage of both Rose Absolute essential oil and non-synthetic soy-derived Vitamin E stimulate tissue regeneration, making it an excellent salve for both new wounds and scar tissue. We use it every night as a hand salve, and have found it really helps with nail & cuticle health, as well as overall skin salvation for hard working hands. Lips too! 

So many folks asked us to put it in a tube for easy-peasy carrying, we found these darling mega-tubes and called it Suns'n'Roses for summer fun - not to mention that our tattoo artist friend says it is THE BEST to heal & seal tats... it's exactly the same formulation as Rose Petals, just handier!

Free of gluten, nut and animal oils. 

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