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About that packaging thing.... Part 1

Posted by Beth Lischeron on
About that packaging thing.... Part 1
We're sure you've all heard the story of the hummingbird and the forest fire - how she does her best, carrying water in her tiny beak, drop by drop to help extinguish the fire and save her world.
Sometimes when we feel absolutely overwhelmed by the current news, our hearts sink and we feel as though we have lost all hope.
In times like that, we try to be like the hummingbird.
So if you receive your Dragonfly Dreaming order in a shoebox, it's due to our joint project with our lovely friends at Cardino's Shoes in Duncan. We're saving hundreds of boxes from the landfill; as well as saving the oil it would take to MOVE it to the landfill (in Washington state???), not to mention the trees we're NOT using to create NEW boxes to ship our products in.
We hope YOU will be able to extend the life of your box even further (maybe fill it up with craft goodies for your favourite niece or nephew's birthday??) - or at the very least, compost it.
This week I also scored a BIG box of architect's drawing paper - again saving it from the landfill - I think we'll put that through the shredder to make some sweet 'nests' to wrap goodies in.
So, it might not be monumental, but it's SOMETHING we can do - we'll be writing more about all this soon! Reduce, recycle, repurpose, reuse.... it's been a key aspect of why and how we do what we do since day one ....


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