Dragonfly Goes to the Country Fair!

                Cobble Hill Fair 2017

And - for all of the vintage photo lovers out there - that's actually a photo from the extended family of 'Uncle' Joe Balbierer - don't know whose uncle, but we sure do love his saddle style! See you at the fair! 

Breaking News ~ Summer Hits Wet Coast ~


           I was beginning to wonder if I'd slept for six months and we were heading into October... but finally, our winter skin is feeling the fresh air, sun and critters again, so it's time for Dragonfly's Summer Primer to keep you safe and sound! 

Sunburn ~ if you've succumbed, the first thing you must do is cool your skin! Get into the water, take a cool shower, at the very least wrap-up in ice cubes!  

Then apply Suns & Roses / Rose Petals Healing Salve ASAP ~ this balm is successful in treating third degree burns so sunburns (and windburns, too!) respond very well to it. It's available in a handy tube for travel, as well as jars both large and small. 

Under-arm (& elsewhere) rash from heat or debilitation ~ Smoother Soother will cool the rash and take away the itch! 

Moisturize ~ so many possibilities... but we especially love our Tuscan Sunshine Lemon Lotion. Fabulous for the whole bod... cooling, refreshing and moisturizing all in one!

Mozzies? ~ keep them at bay with Bug Her Off! 

Exfoliate ~ Slather yourself with Dragonfly's latest ~ Skin Sorbet Moisturizing Body Polish in Zest Coast (Lemon), Sunshine in Paradise (Ylang Ylang & Tangerine), Mocha Mango... sluice and rinse - skin bliss! 

Remember to drink lots of WATER!! 

Happy SUMMER All ~ be sure to join our mailing list to be included in our 20+2 Anniversary celebrations! 


To Ship or Not to Ship ... that is the Question!

As you may be aware, we're located on the southern end of Vancouver Island... the Zest Coast, Left Coast, Big Wet Island... we'll take it all! 

As such, getting our products to YOU our dear supporters and fans, is one of the challenges we face. Many of you are right here and so we've offered 'In-Studio Pick Up' as an option to shipping. Sadly, we're going to take that option down for a while because so many customers were ticking that box even though it didn't apply to them... the poor dears don't get to live on the Left Coast... 

So, for those of you who DO live here in the rain with me, just drop me a note or give me a shout and we'll make arrangements... and we'll see if this fixes the problem!

Many thanks for your understanding, all! cheerio! Beth xo 


Party Time in Victoria this Saturday ~ and a contest!


Saturday May 13th is an EXTRAVAGANZA in Cowichan Far South (other people call it Victoria, but I think we need to turn that around!) ~ the Local General Store at Haultain Corners will be where I am spending the day but looks like there will be street celebrations happening all over Oaklands ... hope to see you there!

We'll be introducing our latest concoctions - AMAZING Skin Shower Sorbets - 'Sunrise in Paradise', 'Grapefruit Glory', with more to be invented this week - what's YOUR favourite sorbet flavour?? ~ you might just win tub of it if it makes me tingle!!

Send me a message, below or through my Facebook page ~ 




Welcome to the Party! 20+2 and counting ~


 It's hard to believe how quickly twenty-two years can fly when you're having ... fun? 

When I think of the dramatic shifts in awareness, the explosive changes brought about by the techno revolution, and the fact that our Kate will soon be 21 ~ well, I'm simply astonished. But thinking globally and acting locally has long been our motto and we're doing our best to keep up with the tech while staying true to our roots as organically as ever... Talk about steep learning curves! 

Celebrations are in order! Thanks to our countless numbers of supporters, adamant fans and delightful Dragonfliers, we're truly thrilled to be turning 22 this year! So we're gathering up our party people - the more the merrier! - in 'proper' subscription format to streamline communications and stay in touch.

So if you haven't yet done so, do please join our mailing list! The subscription button is on the bottom of our home page (just scroll down from here). We promise of course that we'll not share or use your info for anything other than dropping you an occasional note to let you know what's up AND entering you in for free gifts well ~  

Thanks for being in the story... 



Living Vintage Lavender & Lemon Tea Party

       If any of you can remember the thrill of getting your new Easter Bonnet... well, I guess that makes you 'living vintage' too, because I sure can!  
For many years Dragonfly Dreaming has been part of the South Cowichan Hospital Auxiliary's annual Lavender & Lemon Tea fund raiser. This year, I suggested that (being as we're all pretty much bona fide 'vintage') we should extend the invite to our younger neighbours who are such great fans of all things vintage! 
It's a wonderful chance to have some 'girl time' - over a lovely set tea (and NOT at Empress prices!) - $7.00 has to be the best deal around! So bring your Mum, bring your BFF, bring your granddaughter - bring a neighbour! Best of all, you'll know you're doing a GOOD thing for our local hospital, while enjoying 'social time' (without the media). 
This year's fun includes a 'treasure table', along with incredible baked goods, a raffle table - and of course Dragonfly Dreaming! 
When: Saturday April 8th from 11.00 to 2.00
Where: Community Hall at Kerry Park in Mill Bay
Tickets: $7.00 please call  250-743-3158 to reserve your seat

Spring in Cobble Hill

A busy day here in the neighbourhood! The raindrops are busy, the robins and sparrows are busy, the snowdrops are busy... and Dragonfly is busy too! Four shows coming up soon - some VERY exciting news to share as well (soon!) and International Womens' Day as well? Golly it's going to be a full month! 

A week from tomorrow is the 17th annual Cobble Hill Seedy Saturday! It's a well-loved event and a great chance to check out my fun and fabulous sugar/mango butter scrubs... anybody up for that?!

Kate says she's already gone through the jar I gave her at Christmas, 'it is BRILLIANT!' she says (I think she's just buttering me up hahah) ... I think we have Before 9's (can you guess the flavour?); Tropical Fruit Punch, Joe Blow Buff & Slough COFFEE scrub... (honestly, I'm not making this up! well, actually, yeah, I DID make them up.... but it's for real!)... 

If I don't get some fresh air soon... we'll all be in trouble! See you next week! 

xo Dragonfly