Finding Dragonfly

As 2017 shivers to an end, we know exactly where we're going to be and how you can find us these next few weeks! AND if you can't make it to one of our shows, you can shop at your leisure on our web store (of course) - but don't wait forever! This year's shipping deadline is December 14th just to be on the safe side.

AND speaking of dates, we've decided to hold our Christmas Gift Basket draw at midnight of December 17th; all our subscribers will be entered, so be sure you put your name in the jar when you come find us at one of our shows (hint: you can also do it through our site - just go here to sign up).

November 17th & 18th - North Vancouver Waldorf School (the poster just says Saturday, but Friday evening from about 6.30 we're ALSO open for a few hours of 'Santas only' shopping). 

December 2nd - Oaklands Community Centre, Victoria 

December 8th, 9th & 10th, 10 am - 3 pm Open House, Dragonfly Dreaming Studio

3616 Garland Avenue, Cobble Hill Village 

Come enjoy a visit, a mug of something warming (and a gluten-free goodie) and a relaxing one-stop shop for gifts both welcomed and useful! 


December 17th - Glenora Farm Christmas, Glenora

Always a favourite, it can be a bit tricky to find so here's the link to their site so you can enjoy the journey into the beautiful countryside! 

Glenora Farm

We're looking forward to seeing you and sending you and your loved ones all the best wishes for the holiday season and Winter Solstice! Thank you for your support through all the years!

xo Dragonfly 


Bearded Wonders!

There’s no doubt about it, the beard has come to stay (for a while at least!). Whether you or a significant other in your life has been ready to ditch the blade and go au naturel, there’s this stage they call ‘scruff’…

And that’s where Dragonfly Dreaming Organics Beard Oil comes into the story. Our own Cowichan wildcrafted poplar bud and St. John’s Wort oils to calm and balm irritated skin; argan and camellia oils to soften the new hair growth; organic hempseed and sunflower oils and natural soy-derived Vitamin E to protect and moisturize the skin and promote shine in the new beard. A splash of Bay Rum, Juniper and Cypress essential oils will help with the healing - not to mention the ‘ah’ factor…  

"For the first time in my adult life, I’ve made it past day 5 in the beard-growth process. Usually by this point, driven crazy by the itching, I’d have gone back to a clean shave, but your beard oil is a miracle. When the itching starts, I wash my face and smooth the oil into my beard….and  it’s like instant relief.  It smells great too." Lawrence B. in Cobble Hill

But if you're sporting a goatee or going full-on ZZ TOP,  you might be ready for Beard Balm. 

Our own Cowichan wildcrafted poplar bud and St. John’s Wort oils to calm and balm irritated skin; argan and camellia oils to soften the new hair growth; organic hempseed and sunflower oils and natural soy-derived Vitamin E to protect and moisturize the skin and promote shine in the new beard; while mango and rice bran butters promote luxurious softness. The subtle splash of Bay Rum, Juniper and Cypress essential oils are proving a big hit too! 

"I love the way it makes my beard feel softer and grow fuller. It's easy to use and works great, and unlike other products I've used, it doesn't leave the greasy look and feel. 10 out of 10, I will be recommending it."  Scott in Duncan

“I have been using Dragonfly Dreaming Beard Balm for a month now and it works awesome. My beard is a lot softer and is way more manageable - and I love the scent that was added. I would reccomend this product to anyone who wants a softer, fuller beard.” Terry D. in Maple Bay

find it here! 



Upcoming Events

November 17 / 18 - North Vancouver Waldorf School 
December 2nd - Oaklands Community Centre, Victoria 
December 9 / 10 - Open House, Dragonfly Dreaming Studio, Cobble Hill 
December 17th - Glenora Farm Christmas, Glenora

Details to come shortly! 

Cowichan Fleece & Fibre Festival baaaaaaack soon!

The fabulous Fleece & Fibre Festival is just around the corner... 
Dragonfly has a 'skeinful' of good things to help weavers, knitters and textile lovers keep their hands in tip-top condition! 
Cobble Hill Village Farmers Institute 10 - 4 on Saturday October 21st 

Dragonfly Gets a New Outfit!

You might have been noticing a subtle change in the Dragonfly Dreaming 'look' recently ... after 20+2 years making organic natural body care products we thought we deserved a new outfit! Along with our new label style, an upcoming broad sweep of the web site and whole new social media world? Oh MY!  

Ms. Kate is now our Social Media / Style / Marketing Director, and the driving force behind the new look ('mini-boho' I'm told);  I hope you like it as much as we do! We spent August completely revamping our studio and here are a few snaps to share... 

A hint of Pumpkin Spice Skin Sorbet - this Autumn's Theme Scent - with soap waiting to be wrapped to match! (I'm told that succulents are 'utterly boho', ergo Mama Jade)... to order, CLICK HERE ... 

Brand new Beard Balms & Beard Oils for the guys, coming soon on site! 

We hope you can make it to Cobble Hill in person to really get the vibe! To paraphrase dear Dave and the Vinyl Cafe, we may be small but we're big... 

Open House this weekend? I think we can do it! 10 - 3 pm, 3616 Garland Ave in Cobble Hill Village call 250-743-8036 for more info ~ 


Skin Sorbet DOES for Dirt!

Here at Dragonfly Dreaming Organics, we are besotted with our latest creation, the 'Skin Sorbet' Whipped Sugar Scrubs to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. We had fun over the summer inventing a menu of new scents and names and sharing a whole lotta sweet scrubbing! 

Dear Meghan said, "Dragonfly's Skin Sorbet is completely delicious skin food; you'll want to eat it with a spoon! Delightful scents and none of that artificial greasy layer you find in other products. Scrubs clean AND moisturizes - the best brand I've tried. Totally fun to use."

And our friend Scott sent us his super story with the photos to back it up...

"After working for 8 hours tearing down the remains of a house fire, I was dirty, sweaty, and covered in soot. I immediately hopped in the shower and used some of Dragonfly Dreaming's Skin Sorbet ™ Moisturizing Body Polish and everything rinsed off in no time! It has enough soap to remove dirt, and the sugar removes dead skin & grime in this case, while leaving my skin feeling clean and happy and not at all raw after exfoliating. Perfect for anyone who works in the trades, or really anyone who spends their days getting dirty. I definitely will be recommending it!"


On the menu today?

NEW Pumpkin Spice 

Zest Coast (Straight-up Lemon); Sunshine in Paradise (Ylang Ylang & Tangerine); Mocha Mango (Vanilla, Chocolate & Coffee); Citrus Mango (Blood Orange); Lavender Mango (English Lavender); Bet on the Bay Rum (Bay Rum & Nutmeg); ChocoMint Mango (Chocolate & Peppermint); JapanMint Mango (Japanese Mint)... with more to come! 

You can find out more and place your order at:

Rub a dub dub ... happy autumn scrub! 


Dragonfly Goes to the Country Fair!

                Cobble Hill Fair 2017

And - for all of the vintage photo lovers out there - that's actually a photo from the extended family of 'Uncle' Joe Balbierer - don't know whose uncle, but we sure do love his saddle style! See you at the fair! 

Breaking News ~ Summer Hits Wet Coast ~


           I was beginning to wonder if I'd slept for six months and we were heading into October... but finally, our winter skin is feeling the fresh air, sun and critters again, so it's time for Dragonfly's Summer Primer to keep you safe and sound! 

Sunburn ~ if you've succumbed, the first thing you must do is cool your skin! Get into the water, take a cool shower, at the very least wrap-up in ice cubes!  

Then apply Suns & Roses / Rose Petals Healing Salve ASAP ~ this balm is successful in treating third degree burns so sunburns (and windburns, too!) respond very well to it. It's available in a handy tube for travel, as well as jars both large and small. 

Under-arm (& elsewhere) rash from heat or debilitation ~ Smoother Soother will cool the rash and take away the itch! 

Moisturize ~ so many possibilities... but we especially love our Tuscan Sunshine Lemon Lotion. Fabulous for the whole bod... cooling, refreshing and moisturizing all in one!

Mozzies? ~ keep them at bay with Bug Her Off! 

Exfoliate ~ Slather yourself with Dragonfly's latest ~ Skin Sorbet Moisturizing Body Polish in Zest Coast (Lemon), Sunshine in Paradise (Ylang Ylang & Tangerine), Mocha Mango... sluice and rinse - skin bliss! 

Remember to drink lots of WATER!! 

Happy SUMMER All ~ be sure to join our mailing list to be included in our 20+2 Anniversary celebrations!