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Dry Skin

Skin! It’s the ‘outside of the in’; our body’s largest organ, and is critical in keeping us healthy.

Many of us suffer from one skin ailment or another - from ‘alligator’ skin, itchy skin, rashes, fungal issues, eczema, dermatitis, flaky skin and persistent skin fissures - to extremely dry skin stripped raw from constant hand washing and sterilizing.

The weather can play havoc with the skin’s natural ability to keep itself lubricated. Extreme cold, wind and sun can all lead to one or another of the ‘dry skin’ woes, such as skin cracks which can become so severe and painful, a person can’t function normally. Exposure to chemicals and toxins can lead to sensitivities and ongoing contact dermatitis.

Nourish your skin (the outside of your body) as thoughtfully as you nourish the inside of your body. You’ll be able to to handle and resolve dry skin issues before they become chronic. After all, the ‘outside and the in’ are all connected!