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over 27 years of happy skin, inspired by the place we call home

we began this journey in 1995, and since then have helped thousands of customers in search of organic skincare that works.

from growing bellies and babies, to fungal issues, eczema, dry skin, and sensitivity, we've created something for every body.


There is nothing like using Rose Salve!! For the past two years, I have had a pre cancerous spot on the side of my face. It was getting larger, as I waited to see the dermatologist. I started to apply the Rose salve 4x a day, or whenever I thought of it. Within 4 weeks, I realized it was completely gone. My doctor confirmed!!! No more precancerous spot at all. Thanks Dragonfly Dreaming for making such a wonderful product!!

I have had a cracked lip since 1996. I have been to three doctors,  trying to clear up my lip. I went to a skin specialist here in Duncan because I thought maybe I had cancer. Nothing worked. Then I met you and you told me your product would help me. Well - guess what? After two days my lip is completely healed and I can't thank you enough for  selling me Fortissimo!™ - it really is serious salve. God Bless You!

High quality organic skin care that works! My whole family is in love with this stuff- especially the Eczema Suprema and the lip balms. I recommend the Auntie Fungal products to my clients as well (I am a foot care nurse). Keep up the good work gals!

Dragonfly Dreaming products are the best! They are made from top quality healthy ingredients, work very well, and are a reflection of the passion and caring that Beth and Kate put into all they do. I have used them for many years... I would recommend any and all products from Dragonfly Dreaming.

Hi Beth! Your Eczema Suprema has been the ONLY cream over the past 3 years to properly soothe my skin during my topical steroid withdrawal. It provides great comfort when no other cream/ointment has been able to do that.

Just the other day, actually, I told my sister about it, her 15 month old baby has got the beginnings of eczema (on cheeks and arms) and she bought a jar and is already noticing a difference! I notice it too! I'm so glad I discovered you! Thank you!

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