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Mother's Day

Posted by Beth Lischeron on

Well. So. It's Mother's Day. I should write some schlocky poem but I (being a mother) do not have time to do that. So, in brief (there goes the 30 minute timer) I am sorry if I have grown old, unfashionable, out of shape and out of touch with what's going on in the 'real' world. I have been busy raising your future dentist • psychiatrist • civil servant • lawyer • stranger who did you a kindness and / or jerk who just cut you off. My sincere appreciation to all the other solo Mums who have sacrificed so much to do the same for me - thank you, sisters. You stand in the footsteps of so many amazing women, my own mother and grandmothers among them. And to those my sisters who have lost their children, or who for so many reasons didn't become Moms ~ thank you for all the support you have given to those of us who are still on that journey. And thank you for your sacrifice too. We are grateful. Now will somebody please take out the compost without being asked?  

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