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Rose Petals Does It (yet) Again - and Again!

Posted by Beth Lischeron on

I returned home from a fantastic but very tiring week on The Continent to find this waiting for me from dear Teri (of Sweet Maggie's Farm - super yummy organic veggies in Cow Bay) ~ ironically, I had used up half my travel jar to fix ZZ's (badly) stubbed toe and KT's kitchen burns... not to mention my own heel cracks! 

"All of this kitchen/garden work has given a beating to my hands. Three days ago I noticed that my thumb had a tender spot, it seriously 'split' later in the day - a 1/2 cm split right on the tip (where we use it all the time, I can share). ouch and dang - how to continue but avoid pain and infection? So I got Maggie to help - we used a q-tip to put some of Beth Lischeron's Dragonfly Dreaming Rose Salve on the cut and then artfully (not skillfully - artfully) applied some bandaids. 36 hours later, one more application of rose salve, some sad use of a latex glove to protect the hand, and I can say with ASTONISHMENT that it has softened and doesn't hurt and is on its way to healing. I always swear by Beth's Rose Salve, but I forget to use it myself. Silly Me. This is yet another proof that it is a serious healing salve, particularly at harvest season when my hands are in the water so much of the time. I don't know what magic she puts into this stuff, and I don't care. it works, AND it smells so wonderful!!"

Our famous Rose Petals Healing Salve™ was formulated almost two decades ago for extreme wrinkle care around the eye area. We then discovered that it is really a miracle in a jar... 

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