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Auntie Fungal Nail Oil Gets BIG!

Posted by Beth Lischeron on
Auntie Fungal Nail Oil Gets BIG!

Auntie Fungal Nail Oil™ is a 100% natural, proprietary synergistic blend of no-nonsense anti-fungal essential oils in a liquid base of organic sunflower and wildcrafted St. John’s Wort oils. It provides a convenient, effective treatment of fungal nail infections without toxic chemicals or extremely expensive / ineffective / harmful prescription pharmaceuticals.

Daily use of the product until the new nail has grown in is necessary to completely eradicate the infection. Our expert advisors on issues of the foot recommend application to ALL the nails of the effected foot/feet until the issue has completely cleared up to prevent the infection from spreading. 

INCIDENTALLY, we are told that in the US, physicians and dermatologists routinely prescribe a topical treatment for nail fungus which costs patients $1,200.00 US per 10 mL bottle ($1,585.65 CDN at today’s exchange rate). This treatment is seen to be only 25% effective and yet it is still the ‘go-to’ prescription (personal communication from Dr. L. Keller, dermatologist, Sacramento California).

Based on our customer feedback, we estimate at minimum a 90% success rate with dedicated use as directed for our Auntie Fungal Nails. Recommended by foot care nurses, dermatologists, doctors, estheticians and specialists: since the product was developed in 1998, along with Dragonfly Dreaming Auntie Fungal Creme for athletes‘ foot infections.

Selected Testimonials

"Your Auntie Fungal Crème and Oil have worked wonders on the worst cases I have ever seen - and brought tremendous relief to my patients."  Susan Tremble, RN, Foot Specialist, creator of the Foot Nurses’ guide and programme for BC  (1999)

"The AF Nail Oil is incredible - after applying it to nails that have been fungal for years, the detritus literally falls off in cakes, much to the thanks of my elderly clients, so that I can finally get at some healthy tissue..." June Cable, aesthetician & aesthetics teacher, New Brunswick (1999)

“I HAVE SEEN IT WORK. Dragonfly must have figured something out with this oil, because it has cured my Step-Dad of the toenail fungus he has had in his great toe for years. He used no other interventions except applying it religiously and cleared his nail up. This is great because I am an Advanced Foot Care nurse and now I have a natural option I can recommend to my clients with confidence. Much appreciated!” Chrystal Stevens, RN, Foot Care Specialist and owner of Longevity Healthcare on Oct 03, 2017

“ WORKED BEYOND ALL EXPECTATIONS. I damanged 2 toenails while hiking several years ago and acquired fungus that would not go away. The nails were very raised and painful. Over the counter drug store remedies weren’t working so I eventually tried prescription medication that required frequent blood tests to make sure my liver wasn’t being damaged. Nothing changed after many, many months of this (and I want to keep my liver thanks) so I gave up. A few months ago in a “what the heck, what do I have to lose” mood I ordered Auntie Fungal and was so pleased to find it worked! My nails are finally growing in flat and straight and I’ll be getting pedicures all next summer.” Amy E. A. on Nov 30, 2017

"I was referred to you by a friend. I have a fungus on my index finger that just won't go away. She let me use her Auntie Fungal™ crème and my success with it is better than all of the prescriptions my doctors were trying me on. I'd like to order the Auntie Fungal™ crème along with the bug repellent." - Debbie Fisher, Arizona, USA (2004)

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