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Spring in Cobble Hill

Posted by Beth Lischeron on
Spring in Cobble Hill

A busy day here in the neighbourhood! The raindrops are busy, the robins and sparrows are busy, the snowdrops are busy... and Dragonfly is busy too! Four shows coming up soon - some VERY exciting news to share as well (soon!) and International Womens' Day as well? Golly it's going to be a full month! 

A week from tomorrow is the 17th annual Cobble Hill Seedy Saturday! It's a well-loved event and a great chance to check out my fun and fabulous sugar/mango butter scrubs... anybody up for that?!

Kate says she's already gone through the jar I gave her at Christmas, 'it is BRILLIANT!' she says (I think she's just buttering me up hahah) ... I think we have Before 9's (can you guess the flavour?); Tropical Fruit Punch, Joe Blow Buff & Slough COFFEE scrub... (honestly, I'm not making this up! well, actually, yeah, I DID make them up.... but it's for real!)... 

If I don't get some fresh air soon... we'll all be in trouble! See you next week! 

xo Dragonfly 



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