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Distilling Lavender Season

Posted by Beth Lischeron on
It’s distilling time! The season always begins with the delivery of English lavender from Conheath Farm. The intensely fragrant Hidcote and Munstead varieties pictured here, which are within the English family of lavender, are jammed into the still and steam-heated to transform the plant material into useable extracts - essential oil and hydrosol. Alchemy is alive and well in Cobble Hill!
 English Lavender oil has potent analgesic properties, as well as calming effects, and due to its antiseptic properties can be used to treat scrapes and burns, or added to a diffuser or your pillowcase to help with troubled sleep; the hydrosol is perfect for spritzing yourself to cool and calm down, a must-have for summer. 
A long standing Dragonfly Dreaming tradition is partnering with local farms, who deliver their lavender harvest to us in mid-late July.  We started back in early 2000 to promote growing lavender here in Cowichan for so many reasons - our seasonal summer drought for a start (which has only become more intense with the years), and it is also a really important plant for the bees! The flowers are so tightly packed together, it's an easy trip for bees to buzz from stem to stem, collecting tons of pollen without using up all their energy. Win-win-win-win! 
Thanks to Kate for the gorgeous photos (and words) and Conheath Farm for the lovely lavender! 

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