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Dragonfly Dreaming Organics Presents .....

Posted by Beth Lischeron on

Le bon homme™ all-purpose lavender cleaner came into being almost 20 years ago because of a chemist who, after decades of inventing and developing commercial products, had developed severe multiple chemical sensitivities.  She was forced by her illness into early retirement, and began to search for a substance that could rid her home of the molds, fungi and chemicals that had become utterly toxic to her system.

Her search led her to essential oils, and serendipity brought her together with perfumer/organic product formulator  Beth Lischeron, who had extensive experience working with essential oils, and had pioneered the concept of natural body care through her company, Dragonfly Dreaming.  

With the challenge of creating a chemical-free, non-sensitizing biodegradable cleaning solution, Beth created a synergistic blend of eleven essential oils chosen for their functionality and aromatherapy benefits. In many aromatherapeautic applications a single oil may be effective, but a skillful blend of essential oils produces a synergy, a complimentary union where the blend far outperforms the sum of its individual parts.  

Le bon homme™  was initially tested in every possible situation imaginable, to the extent that it was shown in laboratory tests to substantially retard bacterial, viral and mold growth, including SARS.  In the 20 years since its final development, many additional uses have been discovered and we are continuing to test for others. 

Some of these uses include:

• kitchen - counter tops, stove tops, ovens, baked-on pot residue, children’s high chairs and     especially old dust/grease residue such as the tops of cupboards and oven hoods;

• bathrooms - bathtub rings, shower tiles, toilet bowls, mirrors, faucets;

• blood stain removal - spray with 20% Bon Homme concentrate, soak in COLD water then wash;

• outdoors - patio furniture, deck surfaces, BBQ grills, garden pests, moss on wood & in lawns; 

• children - toys, furniture, cloth diaper soak + wash;

• pets - dirty paws, animal kennels, ‘accidents’ on carpets;

• general - floors, laundry, carpets (spot removal + overall), moldy window sills, windows, walls (painted & wallpapered), marble (lifts ink), glass fireplace doors;

• boats & wooden yachts - woodwork, salt residue removal, chrome, windows, vinyl;

• printer ink & vanilla oil on white carpet;

  • especially effective as a MOLD RETARDANT + currently undergoing testing for powdery mildew in plants.;
  • for personal use, it is gentle yet effective as a foot soak;
  • sanitizing and cleaning of gym equipment, yoga mats etc. 


In all cases,  le bon homme™  has been an astonishing success, performing well beyond standard commercial cleaners.  Users enjoy the benefits of superior performance without toxic fumes, without sickly fragrance oils (which mask the noxious smell of the toxic chemicals they contain), and above all, without the danger of chemical harm to humans and animals through inhaling or absorbing toxins through the skin, or danger to the environment even in use near fresh and sea water.

ALL of the le bon homme™  ingredients are readily biodegradable.  The cleaner is made of top quality genuine essential oils, and minimally processed ingredients like baking soda, salts and coconut oil derived surfactant.  le bon homme™  features  organic lavender oil grown and distilled by Beth Lischeron, founder of Dragonfly Dreaming Organics and the Cowichan Festival of Lavender. Other essential oils are selected for their scientifically documented mold retardant, fungicidal, antiseptic,  anti-microbial and antibiotic properties - science and aesthetics bringing all these properties together in a blend that is uplifting, energizing and cleansing.  

Le bon homme™ all-purpose lavender cleaner is available in 100% concentrate for professional and home use.  These and other fine natural products for home and body are produced on Vancouver Island, BC.

Professional Testimonials

We've been using Dragonfly Dreaming Organics' Le Bon Homme Multi-Purpose

Cleaner Concentrate here at Valley Health and Fitness for a number of years

now and have been very happy with its effectiveness and versatility as a

cleaning product. We use it in a variety of applications:  Wash room and

change room cleaning, equipment cleaning stations and also occasionally in

our laundry if needed. We've had very positive feedback from our members and

those with chemical sensitivities and allergies also very much appreciate

the use of Le Bon Homme in our club rather than some of the chemical


Forrest Verbruggen, Owner/Manager

Valley Health and Fitness, Cobble Hill, B.C.


“We use Dragonfly Dreaming Organics Le Bon Homme Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate at Chiani Chiropractic. We have been using this product for years. We love the product and its versatility. We mainly use it to clean our chiropractic beds but have also used it as a room freshener, to clean hard surfaces as well as in our laundry on occasion.

The fragrance is very pleasing and we love the fact that it is all natural and can be diluted to the strength desired depending on the application.”

Loretta Taylor, Office Manager

Chain Chiropractic, Mill Bay, BC


Le Bon Homme All Purpose Cleaning Solution

 "I have a small house cleaning service that cleans 3 level, 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom, pet and child homes...We go through so many cleaning products on these houses that it was becoming very expensive to buy supplies that would work on wood, laminate, tile and other flooring weekly for the job to get done.


I met Beth and she introduced me to Le Bon Homme, allowing me to take enough to try out at my different client's houses for one full month and here is what the customers and I thought about the product:

1, It works on ALL styles of flooring, and leaves NO STREAKS BEHIND, which is very important when you are hand mopping, or using mops that may pass dirt around onto flooring.

2, It is cruelty free and safe for pets and children...a bonus when every house you clean has pets and children in it! The number of times I have seen cats and dogs walk right onto the floor after cleaning it with Le Bon Homme and it dries almost instantly, is perfect!

3. Does not just clean floors! We ran out of bathroom cleaner and had to sub in Le Bon Homme...worked better than Windex for the glass, and Mr. Clean was no match for the handmade Dragonfly Dreaming Product.

4. I have sensitive does my cleaning assistant...we do not have to wear gloves when using Le Bon Homme. This is a huge deal for people with allergies, to have a product they can rely on for cleaning and not have to worry about getting rashes or headaches from the strength and smell of the products they use. Le Bon Homme is gentle on skin and the scent is mild and calming...once again, great for kids and pets for the same reasons (allergic reactions no more!)

We have recently been asked to be the commercial cleaners for a large lakeside  multi-cabin facility which uses some harsh chemicals for their buildings... I will strongly recommend that they switch over their entire bathroom and floor cleaning products from 4 down to 1 organic, local product, Le Bon Homme! The daycare there needs some love and care and this product will keep their area sparkling clean and from a cleaning perspective, we have no environmental guilt using biodegradable Dragonfly Dreaming products...would highly recommend! 

6. We found this horrible case of mold - we applied a spritz of Bon Homme at 100% solution, left it for 5 minutes and were able to wipe it clean as a whistle with a damp cloth - we have NEVER seen such an effective product for dealing with mold!" 

Megan Sehn, Owner/Operator, Mi Casa Cleaners, Shawnigan Lake B.C.

Here are some before + after shots of typical household issues -  mold, baked-on pans and oven interiors - easily and quickly dealt with by Le Bon Homme     

HERE's where you can order Le Bon Homme! 

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