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How Using Dragonfly Dreaming Transformed My Skin in 7 Days

Posted by Katie Lischeron on
I know, I know.
"C'mon Kate, a week is all it took? Your skin must not have been that bad if it only took you a week!" "This seems like fake news!" "Of course you would say that, it's your mom's company!" 
True, it is my mom's company. And true, I've never had cystic acne, or even chronic acne. As a teenager my skin was the least of my worries, I just did my best to care for it using Dragonfly Dreaming products because I didn't want chemicals on my face. But then...I turned 21. And boy, my skin was not happy about that.
They say that every cell in your body is replaced over the course of 7 years, and I was told many times that being 21 was probably the cause of my sudden oily T-zone and dry cheeks that constantly had blackheads dotting along. I was at a complete loss for what to do, because my skin had always been relatively clear and happy with a simple routine of exfoliating and moisturizing.
Enter Dragonfly to the rescue!
Beth immediately understood what was happening, and where I was going wrong, and recommended I switch from using her Sacha Skin Salvation™ Body Oil as a facial moisturizer, and instead gave me her Sacha Inchi Crema™ Light, along with her Rose and Oats Facial Bar™. I was instructed to use the moisturizer twice a day (morning and night), and to wash my face with warm water and the Rose and Oats Facial Bar ™ in the evening, before moisturizing and going to bed. 
Within 7 days, I have noticed a huge change in how happy my skin is. The tiny little bumps I was getting along my T-Zone are gone, and my cheeks are back to their normal rosy selves. I want to take the time to both thank Beth for her expertise, and for creating such amazing products that cater to those of us who don't want (or can't use) chemical laden products on our faces/bodies. What  Dragonfly Dreaming is doing is unparalleled, and her history of working with plants have taught both her, and her customers, that all we need is what Mother Nature provides. The truly plant based (and often simple) solution is always a kinder choice, both for the individual, and for the planet. 
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