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Winter 2017 Events

Posted by Beth Lischeron on

As 2017 shivers to an end, we know exactly where we're going to be and how you can find us these next few weeks! AND if you can't make it to one of our shows, you can shop at your leisure on our web store (of course) - but don't wait forever! This year's shipping deadline is December 14th just to be on the safe side.

AND speaking of dates, we've decided to hold our Christmas Gift Basket draw at midnight of December 17th; all our subscribers will be entered, so be sure you put your name in the jar when you come find us at one of our shows (hint: you can also do it through our site - just go here to sign up).

November 17th & 18th - North Vancouver Waldorf School (the poster just says Saturday, but Friday evening from about 6.30 we're ALSO open for a few hours of 'Santas only' shopping). 

December 2nd - Oaklands Community Centre, Victoria 

December 8th, 9th & 10th, 10 am - 3 pm Open House, Dragonfly Dreaming Studio

3616 Garland Avenue, Cobble Hill Village 

Come enjoy a visit, a mug of something warming (and a gluten-free goodie) and a relaxing one-stop shop for gifts both welcomed and useful! 


December 17th - Glenora Farm Christmas, Glenora

Always a favourite, it can be a bit tricky to find so here's the link to their site so you can enjoy the journey into the beautiful countryside! 

Glenora Farm

We're looking forward to seeing you and sending you and your loved ones all the best wishes for the holiday season and Winter Solstice! Thank you for your support through all the years!

xo Dragonfly 


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