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Vintage By the Sea / Vintage in the Village Pop-Up!

Posted by Beth Lischeron on
Vintage By the Sea / Vintage in the Village Pop-Up!

Being 'vintage' myself, I have a great appreciation for all things authentic and well-made, and have been collecting (and saving)  these things for literally decades now. A danger in having too much space, perhaps? Yikes! 

There comes a point however when 'someone' decides enough is enough, and the clearing begins. It's already been quite an interesting journey, and I may have to do some writing about my process once I can find the floor again. It's not about Marie Kondo (whose web site is more than happy to sell you a whole bunch more stuff once you have decluttered??); it's more inspired by some kind of feng-shi but it also has to do with being a 'material girl'? I'll keep you posted on that one! 

Fortunately, I have found that vintage shows (as they have become increasingly popular here on the Big Island) attract the kind of folk who also appreciate my actual work as a perfumer (etc), with Dragonfly Dreaming Organics, so doing select vintage shows has become part of my annual schedule. One of my favorite gigs is coming up on 6th July - Vintage by the Sea - so we are VERY busy here now with just a week to go! 

Being as there simply won't be enough room at that gig - let alone the overall logistics of the thing - we're going to hold a 'Vintage in the Village' Pop-Up a few weeks later on July 13/14th and possibly the 27th / 28th as well, here at our place in Cobble Hill. 

With more room and less carting, I'll have things like - 

• Japanalia - kimono, haori, posters and other things... 

• ceramics and glass ware, vintage linens for your home and creative projects! 

• magazines - hundreds of issues, YEARS of collections - Achitecture Digest, Victoria, Martha Stewart, Harrowsmith, Bon Appetit!, loads of gardening and other house / decor mags etc.

• collectors boxed sets of videos, DVDs, books

• frames, posters, 'chechkas' and so on

• CLOTHING! Women's and little girl's VERY lovely stuff, vintage as well as 'timeless' 

• Hand tools (old) 

• Vinyl albums 

AND for the DIY folks - a whole pile of containers we are not needing - lip balm tubes, cobalt bottles, jars etc. please contact me directly  if you're interested, I will be making up a list with details and putting it up on FB soon.  

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