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Breaking News ~ Summer Hits Wet Coast ~

Posted by Beth Lischeron on


           I was beginning to wonder if I'd slept for six months and we were heading into October... but finally, our winter skin is feeling the fresh air, sun and critters again, so it's time for Dragonfly's Summer Primer to keep you safe and sound! 

Sunburn ~ if you've succumbed, the first thing you must do is cool your skin! Get into the water, take a cool shower, at the very least wrap-up in ice cubes!  

Then apply Suns & Roses / Rose Petals Healing Salve ASAP ~ this balm is successful in treating third degree burns so sunburns (and windburns, too!) respond very well to it. It's available in a handy tube for travel, as well as jars both large and small. 

Under-arm (& elsewhere) rash from heat or debilitation ~ Smoother Soother will cool the rash and take away the itch! 

Moisturize ~ so many possibilities... but we especially love our Tuscan Sunshine Lemon Lotion. Fabulous for the whole bod... cooling, refreshing and moisturizing all in one!

Mozzies? ~ keep them at bay with Bug Her Off! 

Exfoliate ~ Slather yourself with Dragonfly's latest ~ Skin Sorbet Moisturizing Body Polish in Zest Coast (Lemon), Sunshine in Paradise (Ylang Ylang & Tangerine), Mocha Mango... sluice and rinse - skin bliss! 

Remember to drink lots of WATER!! 

Happy SUMMER All ~ be sure to join our mailing list to be included in our 20+2 Anniversary celebrations! 


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