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Fresh Beginnings as the World Turns

Posted by Beth Lischeron on


Beth says:

Well, here we are - the sun has just hit the window on the last calendar day of a very busy / tumultuous / challenging and yet enlightening year... but IĀ have noticed thatĀ those things often go together!Ā 

We are feeling tremendous gratitude for all the goodness in our lives - for our beautiful family, the stable and safe place we live, and above all for the way we have been able to bring our gifts into the world to share with others.

We send you thanks for being part of our lives, and warm wishes for peace, love, clarity and fulfillment in the coming months.Ā 

All best from Beth and Katie

Kate says:

How is it already the last day of 2018?!?Ā  Did anyone else feel like this year just flew by?Ā 

We have to apologize for our lack of (Instagram and FB) posts this past month. Both of us (Beth and Kate) were extremely busy, both working with the business and in our personal lives. We made the mutual decision to take a little break from IG and start fresh in the new year.Ā 

With that being said, we did have an amazing last few months of the year. We attended great shows, where we met lots of new customers and reconnected with old ones. We spent time with family, exploring new ideas and our goals for the future. We took the time to recharge, to slow down the grind and reflect on everything weā€™ve accomplished and what we want to accomplish.Ā 

So happy last day of 2018 to all of you. We are so eternally grateful that what started as a necessity has blossomed into a business that changes people's lives and heals their bodies. We love you all more than we can say, and hope that 2019 brings you more blessings than you can count. šŸŒæ

Katie and BethĀ 

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