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Winter 2018 Events

Posted by Beth Lischeron on

As 2018 leaps to an end, we are looking forward to our holiday events - but if you can't make it to one of our shows, you can shop at your leisure on our web store (of course). 

Friday and Saturday November 23rd + 24th

North Vancouver Waldorf School  (the poster just says Saturday, but Friday evening from about 6.30 - 8.30 we're ALSO open for a few hours of 'Santas only' shopping). Click on the poster below to go to their page for more details! I won't be able to be there myself but our friend Lin will have an array of beautiful Dragonfly Dreaming products - with a special selection of gift sets - so we hope you'll be able to join in the festivities and excitement! 


Saturday November 24th

Victoria Glenlyons Norfolk School Holiday Craft Fair 

THIS is where I will be on the coveted 24th of November! 

Friday December 7th + Saturday 8th + Sunday 9th from 10 - 3 

Friday 14th + Saturday 15th from 10 am - 3 pm

Cobble Hill - Dragonfly Dreaming Studio, 3616 Garland Avenue 

Open House

If you can't make it during those hours, just give us a shout (250-743-8036) and we'll arrange some other time for you!  Come, bring your friends, and enjoy a relaxing one-stop shop for gifts both welcome and useful and a mug of something warming!  

Sunday December 16th

Glenora Farm Christmas, Glenora (western Cowichan Valley)

Always a favourite, it can be a bit tricky to find so here's the link to their site so you can enjoy the journey into the beautiful countryside! 

OH and WE certainly can take credit cards (but not debit) ~ though it says 'cash only' on their poster ... ? 

Glenora Farm  

(Just tap the poster to link to their page for full details; the map is at

We're looking forward to seeing you and sending you and your loved ones all the best wishes for the holiday season and Winter Solstice!

Thank you for your support through all these years!

xo Dragonfly + Katie-Bug


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  • Evid on

    Hi Beth — I was going to email but when I saw this I figured to tag onto it.
    Saw Mum and she had one of those ugly awful long-term purple bruises on her leg. I don’t know how long it had been there but they can easily turn into ulcers. I only remembered twice a day but the Rose Petal Salve to the rescue ! Fading began in about 2-3 days. Gone in 7-9 ? I’m so scientific but that thing went away. And there was another one starting to appear beside it. 2 or 3 applications and it didn’t progress. Those awful cortisone creams are so ineffectual compared with RPS !
    If it works so well on 100 year old skin …….

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