Lavender Hill Hydro:sol™
Lavender Hill Hydro:sol™

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Lavender Hill Hydro:sol™

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Dragonfly’s sparkling organic Lavender Hill™ 'sun water' as we call it, is a marvellous byproduct of the lavender distillation process. Hydrosol is said by some to be the 'homeopathy of aromatherapy'. It has a gentle, subtle effect, both uplifting and refreshing, and is wonderful to sooth sun and wind damaged skin.
• Spritz as needed to hydrate skin; under creams or foundation make-up it provides a protective hydrating layer.
• Serves as a gently disinfecting and cleansing spray for baby's bottoms if you are avoiding nappy wipes. 
• Great relief to burns after cold water treatment, and sunburn especially.
• Pillow talk? Spritz on the bed linens just before you tuck in for a lovely peaceful sleep... 
Dragonfly harvests and distills her certified organic lavender flowers every summer... helpers welcomed!
NOW available in smaller (120 mL) glass bottles as well as unbreakable 250 mL bottles for summer outings. 
Interested in the process? here's a little video we made to show how we do it at Dragonfly Dreaming! Click here for that! 
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