'Auntie Fungal' Nail Oil Treatment

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Auntie Fungal Nail Oil™

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Auntie Fungal Nail Oil™ is a synergistic blend of no-nonsense anti-fungal essential oils in a liquid oil base for convenient, effective treatment of fungal nail infections without toxic chemicals or extremely expensive / ineffective prescription pharmaceuticals.

Daily use of the product until the new nail has grown in is necessary to completely eradicate the infection.

Recommended by foot care nurses, doctors and specialists: 

"Your Auntie Fungal Crème and Oil have worked wonders on the worst cases I have ever seen - and brought tremendous relief to my patients." 

Susan Tremble, RN, Foot Specialist, BC 

"The AF Nail Oil is incredible - after applying it to nails that have been fungal for years, the detritus literally falls off in cakes, much to the thanks of my elderly clients, so that I can finally get at some healthy tissue..."

June Cable, aesthetician & aesthetics teacher, New Brunswick

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