Forest Alchemy №1 Winter's Tale™
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Forest Alchemy №1 Winter's Tale™

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Grab your breath, frosty in the depth of the night diamond dark... 
Winter's Tale™ is specifically formulated to eradicate airborne viral and bacterial molecules. It’s perfect for refreshing the environment, without the use of chemical 'room freshener' which only masks odours and actually increases the toxic load to which you’re exposing yourself and your family. We've created a synergistic blend of pure therapeutic grade essential oils - English peppermint, camphor, eucalyptus, spearmint and white birch - to help clear the air. Suitable for use in the diffuser or spritzed about; but we love it in a steam bath or on a warm washcloth or tissue to clear the sinuses and ease congestion. Truly useful during cold and flu season.  A crisp winter forest for your olfactory senses!
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