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Sacha Face Crema Rich™

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Rainforest Organic bliss for your face! This rich moisturizing 'crema' features the amazing anti-oxidant Sacha Inchi oil from the rainforests of Peru - ‘super skin food’ especially for dry/mature skin types.

Featuring pure essential oils of Rosa Damascena, Ylang Ylang, Motia, Benzoin, Rose Geranium & wildcrafted Cowichan +•carrot seed from our still, painstakingly blended with •+sacha inchi oil, mango butter, +•shea butter, •calendula oil, •Gold of Pleasure (wild flax) oil, •sunflower oil, •grapeseed oil, extracts of •grapefruitseed and papaya, glycerin, •lavender hydrosol and purified water.

Recommended for dry and mature skin types and those whose skin suffers in weather extremes.

(• = certified organic or de facto organic ingredients)

(+ = non-timber forest product)

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