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NO Lies! Auntie-Nit Treatment™

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No Lies!™ is a non-chemical treatment that has been proven effective, many times over, in dealing with head lice and their nits.
Contains a high percentage of essential oils in organic St. John's Wort and grapeseed oils. These oils can penetrate the nit's case and 'deactivate' it, as well as suffocating any nits which have hatched. NO chemicals! Safe for  children! But you must be pro-active, and take the time to thoroughly complete the treatment - remove all evidence of the nits and eggs from the hair and check every few days to be SURE you got them all. Not fun, alas, but hey it's better than it was in the Middle Ages... 
PS: We're told by a trusted friend that it's also really effective in the case of scalp psoriasis!
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