Dragonfly Dreaming® Forest Alchemy №2 Winter's Green™
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Forest Alchemy №2 Winter's Green™

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Fog forests of the wet coast enfold and silence all but your beating heart... 
Winter's Green™ is bottled 'shin-rin-yoku' (taking a forest bath); a sensory-filled walk through our Vancouver Island valley, where the lush rainforest slips through the fence to embrace us as we wander ever deeper into the woods...
This blend is perfect for refreshing the environment, without using chemical 'room freshener' which only masks odours and airborne viral and bacterial molecules while adding a chemical miasma to your environment.
A forest of cedars, cypress, pine and fir are among the essential oils we have blended to evoke a late winter forest scene for your olfactories!
Suitable for use in the diffuser, as a steam bath or spritzed about.  
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