Baby's Bum Calendula Salve™ - for diaper rash, blisters, eczema, and wounds
Baby's Bum Scent-Free Calendula Salve™
Baby's Bum Scent-Free Calendula Salve™

Dragonfly Dreaming Organics®

Baby's Bum Scent-Free Calendula Salve™

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Our Baby's Bum Calendula Salve is a superb cure for diaper rash - tested and raved over by Mums and Dads for over two decades - it is also effective in cases of baby's cheek rash, blisters, wounds and eczema (it also goes by the name Eczema Suprema™, it's that good!).
We now offer a scent-free version of Baby's Bum™ for those who simply cannot tolerate scents of any kind (whether natural or synthetic). We're told that the unscented version is also absolutely effective in preventing diaper rash and helping with the skin issues babies can be prone to - even those born predisposed to or already suffering from eczema.
Contains utterly natural oils of •calendula, •sunflower, •evening primrose, •hemp, apricot, grapeseed, carrot root, •kukui, •rosehip with unrefined (raw) Vancouver Island fireweed +beeswax, fair trade +•shea butter, mango butter, non-synthetic soy-derived Vitamin E and  pure non-nano Zinc Oxide. 
Baby's Bum™ is gluten-free, and contains NO palm oil, water, alcohol, glycerin, lanolin, emu oil, mineral oil or nut oils (known to set off allergic reactions and exacerbate the rash); NO petrochemicals, phthalates, synthetic fragrance oils, dyes or parabens. Normal use won't  damage cloth diapers.
Every nappy bag and medicine chest needs a Baby's Bum!
(• = certified organic or de facto organic ingredients,  + = non-timber forest product)


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