Handy Therapy Sanitizing Hand Wash™

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Handy Therapy Sanitizing Hand Wash™

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At the request of our clientsHandy Therapy Sanitizing Hand Wash™ joins our collection of products for challenging times. 

Its base is a a gentle coconut and glycerin cleanser that's free of dyes, gluten, parabens, sodium laurel sulphate, phthalates, fragrance oils, mineral oils, animal or nut oils and hasn’t been tested on animals. 

We have added a range of 12 essential oils well know for their efficacy as anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-fungal agents. These include Oreganum, Lavendula, Eucalyptus and Peppermint (and Lime for the lift!); we have also added natural (non-ethanol) pure grain alcohol for added cleansing protection. 

We strongly recommend using the gel with PROPER hand-washing protocols (you can find lots of information about that on the internet - be sure to sing!). If you MUST go out, be sure to use it the moment you get home (maybe even decant some into a carry bottle). 

250 mL unbreakable recycled + recyclable PET bottle with a convenient pop-top lid. 

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