Mum's Tum Organic Belly Balm™
Mum's Tum Organic Belly Balm™

Dragonfly Dreaming Organics®

Mum's Tum Organic Belly Balm™

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"Massage early and often" say the experts ~ welcome to Dragonfly's personal baby bonding massage balm. This emollient balm combines organic herbal healing oils, certified organic Shea butter, a hefty dose of natural Vitamin E and comforting essential oils of Rose and Tangerine to help relax both Mum and Babe.
Regular use eases itchy tummy and reduces the likelihood of stretch marks. Given the high percentage of organic Calendula oil, it is also highly recommended for nursing Mum's nipple care. Mum & Babe (and Dad!) tested, of course!
Contains utterly natural oils of •calendula, •sunflower, •evening primrose, •hemp, apricot, grapeseed, carrot root, and •rosehip with unrefined Vancouver Island fireweed +•beeswax, fair trade +•shea butter, non-synthetic soy-derived Vitamin E. Precious essential oils of Rose, Dragonfly Dreaming estate-distilled certified organic •English Lavender, Mandarin, Benzoin and •Sweet Orange.
Mum's Tum™ is gluten-free, PALM OIL FREE and contains NO lanolin, emu oil, mineral or nut oils, NO petrochemicals, phthalates, synthetic fragrance oils, dyes or parabens.
(• = certified organic or de facto organic ingredients,  + = non-timber forest product)
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