'butt neked' Scent-Free Moisturizer
'butt neked' Scent-Free Moisturizer™

Dragonfly Dreaming Organics®

'butt neked' Scent-Free Moisturizer™

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For babies of all ages, a natural scent-free moisturizing lotion that soaks in quickly to nourish and protect the skin. Contains a broad range of plant oils such as rosehip, evening primrose, carrot root and calendula and natural soy-derived Vitamin E that are packed with vitamins, anti-oxidents and omegas to deliver a genuine 'food-fix' for the skin - and a little dab'll do ya! 

It’s free of dyes, parabens, common allergens such as nut oils, mineral oils, animal oils, phthalates and scent of any kind (either natural essential oils or synthetic fragrance/perfume). We recommend it for babies, children, chemically sensitive individuals and those who prefer to avoid scent of any kind.

'butt neked'™ is also GLUTEN FREE. 

250 mL unbreakable bottle. To view testimonials of this and other Dragonfly Dreaming products, click here.