Auntie Fungal Nail Oil™
Auntie Fungal Nail Oil™

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Auntie Fungal Nail Oil™

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Auntie Fungal Nail Oil™ is a synergistic blend of no-nonsense anti-fungal essential oils in a liquid oil base for convenient, effective treatment of fungal nail infections without toxic chemicals or extremely expensive / ineffective prescription pharmaceuticals.

Daily use of the product until the new nail has grown in is necessary to completely eradicate the infection. Our expert advisors on issues of the foot recommend application to ALL the nails of the effected foot/feet until the issue has completely cleared up to prevent the infection from spreading. 

We also offer a larger sized refill bottle (50 mL) which you may want to consider once you know that the formula is working for you. 

Recommended by foot care nurses, dermatologists, doctors and specialists: 

"Your Auntie Fungal Crème and Oil have worked wonders on the worst cases I have ever seen - and brought tremendous relief to my patients." 

Susan Tremble, RN, Foot Specialist, BC 

"The AF Nail Oil is incredible - after applying it to nails that have been fungal for years, the detritus literally falls off in cakes, much to the thanks of my elderly clients, so that I can finally get at some healthy tissue..."

June Cable, aesthetician & aesthetics teacher, New Brunswick

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