From the Roses™ Moisturizing Mist

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From the Roses™ Moisturizing Mist

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After many requests to expand our skincare range to include a line of toners - welcome to our Moisturizing Face Mist, named From the Roses™ in 'homage' to our beloved Joni Mitchell - and of course its source - roses!   

From the Roses™ Moisturizing Face Mist is 100% natural: pure rose hydrosol, steam-distilled at our headquarters here in the Cowichan Valley from Rosa Damascena flowers harvested at their peak. We add 0.5% natural grain alcohol to preserve and stabilize the hydrosol. Nothing else. So, yes, you can even consume it (rose martinis, perhaps?)!

The glorious subtle fragrance of From the Roses belies its power to hydrate and calm dry, sensitive and troubled skin. Use after showering and before applying your Sacha Face Crema (we recommend Crema Rich for those with dry/mature complexions); it is also a fabulous nourishing treatment to apply the mist then follow it with our Sacha 'Oh Myga' Rose Serum, especially recommended for extremely dry and mature skin and as an intense anti-aging treatment. 

We also recommend From the Roses™ to soothe rosacea-prone skin; to diminish burn trauma, ease headaches and heartaches and as a general 'pick-me-up'

There is a very big difference between genuine distilled rose hydrosol and infused (or worse still, artificial) rose water (more about that on our Rose Blog). This is genuine rose hydrosol - not water with a bit of rose oil in it, not water infused with roses - it's the real thing, darlings. Limited quantity available! 

120 mL glass spray bottle • keep from heat + light for greatest shelf-life 

Please check out our Origins blog 'From the Roses' for more information and a few stories!