Lavender Essential Oil Savoury
A lavender bouquet on the back deck at headquarter in Cobble Hill, Vancouver Island BC
French Lavender
French Lavender close-up flower
Lavender Essential Oil Savoury
Lavender Essential Oil Savoury

Dragonfly Dreaming Organics®

Lavender Essential Oil Savoury

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Lavender oil is 'the' most important essential oil to have on hand for its multitude of purposes. First of all, it's potently anti-septic, and is exceptional in treating burns. It's analgesic (reduces pain) and well tolerated by most people (although there certainly are people who don't care for it).

Useful lavender comes in (broadly) two varieties - French and English. To keep things easier, we call the French types 'savoury' and the English types 'sweet' - think rosemary as opposed to Grandma's Sunday soap. This is partly due to the presence of camphor in the chemotype of the French plants, which comes across as being more 'medicinal' or pungent in the oil - in fact, the savoury French type is what we recommend for foggy headaches, sinus colds and so on, as opposed to the more floral English, which is our 'go-to' for a drop on the pillow to aid sleep.

We began our lavender odyssey many decades ago, and began distilling at the turn of the century (!?) ~ our oil has had the unique and high praise of the matriarch of distilling in Canada, Madame Mainguy of Aliksir in Quebec - when I gave her a wee bottle of my English white lavender oil to sniff she whispered, ' oh mais c'est magnifique!'.

(You can find more info about our lavender experiences here in 'Canada's Provence'  just as soon as I get that blog written...).

This Savoury Lavender oil is a careful blend of Dragonfly estate oil, certified organic & de facto organic and top quality oils from 'away' to bring it to a reasonable price. You can't imagine the backbreaking work that goes into making this stuff by hand... it takes three banana boxes stuffed with lavender to yield about 100 mLs of oil... now that's potent stuff!

Dragonfly Dreaming's Vancouver Island estate grow and distilled French Lavender (Lavendula x hybrida) is certified organic, with an exquisite nose and top quality efficacy. 'Savoury' French varieties bring a crisp camphorous back-note to the scent.

Let us know if you'd like to acquire some of our 100% (Dragonfly) proof oil. 

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