Dragonfly Dreaming® Lavender Hill Moisturizing Lotion™

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Lavender Hill Moisturizing Lotion™

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Reconnect with your Inner Summer and shine with Dragonfly’s luscious Lavender Hill Moisturizing Lotion™  for hands & body. Pure essential oil of certified organic English Lavender (estate-grown and distilled by Dragonfly in the Cowichan Valley) in an exceptional treat for skin - a lotion that feels as nourishing as it actually IS!

Lavender Hill™ is a rich combination of organic oils of •+calendula, •+sacha inchi, rice bran, camellia, •sea buckthorn, carrot, grapeseed, •sunflower and apricot oils with •+shea butter, papaya fruit and •grapefruit seed extracts, soy-derived vitamin E, •+beeswax, •lavender hydrosol, purified water and (of course) •English Lavender essential oil..

Use to soothe and calm skin stressed by sun, wind and weather, and as a daily moisturizer whatever the conditions. We have seen genuine improvements in the condition of skin with regular use. Great for post-shaving, too!

Lavender Hill Moisturizing Lotion™ is gluten-free, and contains NO lanolin, emu oil, mineral oil or nut oils; NO parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance oils or dyes. Made by hand in Cowichan.

(• = certified organic or de facto organic ingredients; + = non-timber forest product)
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