Le Bon Homme All Purpose Cleaning Solution™

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Le Bon Homme All Purpose Cleaning Solution™

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This is Le Bon Homme, the famous formula that cleans just about everything without resorting to toxic chemicals and (disgusting) fake smells in your space.

Le Bon Homme™ was developed to provide a truly effective cleaner for people with severe chemical and environmental sensitivities, including natural substances such as mold spores. Such people are really challenged, as they MUST have a clean home without using toxic substances. Le Bon Homme™ has been tested and used by thousands of people since we created it almost 20 years ago, with results that constantly amaze.

Laundry, bathrooms, kitchen counters, greasy cupboards, floors, rugs, walls, car interiors, blood stains, cloth diapers, seriously scary dishes as well as pet accidents and dog kennels, even a plant spray to deter spider mites!

But it's gentle enough that you can rinse your precious woollens, bathe your dog or soak your hard working gardener's feet in it (just don't use it in the dishwasher or the carpet cleaner as it will cause it to overflow with bubbles). Add a splash of vinegar for the best window cleaner ever! Extremely effective in killing and prohibiting mold growth. Super for yoga mats and gym equipment. Shown in laboratory tests to substantially retard bacterial, viral and mold growth, including SARS. 

500 mL non-breakable bottle can yield up to 4 litres of general purpose cleaning solution depending on what your needs are. Instructions on percentage breakdowns for various purposes are on the labels.

Contains only readily-biodegradable natural ingredients, including essential oils and coconut-based surfactant. Contains no palm oil. Safe for septic systems.

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