Le Bon Homme TWO™ - Boosted Cleaning Solution

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Le Bon Homme TWO™ - Boosted Cleaning Solution

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This is Le Bon Homme TWO, joining our 'challenging times' products at the request of our clients. 

Le Bon Homme™ was originally developed to provide a truly effective multi-purpose cleaner for people with allergies and severe chemical and environmental sensitivities, including natural substances such as mold spores. Such people are really challenged, as they MUST have a clean home without using toxic substances. Le Bon Homme™ has been tested and used by thousands of people since we created it almost 20 years ago, with results that constantly amaze.

With Le Bon Homme as the base, we have substantially boosted its anti-viral properties by adding a range of powerful essential oils such as Cassia, Clove, Camphor and Peppermint (among others); we have also added pure (non-ethanol) grain alcohol for added protection, especially for those with compromised immune systems.

We recommend that it be used in high traffic / touch zones such as door knobs,  shopping carts, computers, telephones, remotes, handrails, car steering wheels, bathroom fixtures and so on. 

Use Le Bon Homme TWO as it comes in the spray for these purposes for best results - don't dilute it. We recommend what we're now calling 'Le Bon Homme ONE' for your daily kitchen cleaning needs.

We don't recommend it for extended use on the skin as these essential oils (in such high concentration) may cause a sensitizing reaction. BONUS - the scent is a super-uplifting cinnamon, citrus and eucalyptus - a real treat in challenging times. 

Contains our proprietary blend of pure therapeutic-grade anti-viral/anti-microbial essential oils including Dragonfly Dreaming distilled Certified Organic Lavender™ with readily biodegradable ingredients such as borax, baking soda, sea salts, coconut surfactant & pure grain alcohol. Contains no palm oil. Safe for septic systems. Keep from kids and pets. Do NOT ingest!

250 mL non-breakable recycled/recyclable PET bottle with sprayer. Larger volumes will be available soon, please contact us for more information.

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