Dragonfly Dreaming® Sacha Bright Eyes! Hydrating Gel™

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Sacha Bright Eyes! Hydrating Gel™

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Some of our friends will know this product in its earlier incarnation as ''Allo Bright Eyes!" - a formulation that we created over 15 years ago as an eye brightening hydrating gel.
Perfect for the delicate tissue around the eyes, precious essential oils of Rose Damascena, German & Roman Chamomile and High Alp Lavender lightly  scent our cross between a gel and a creme, with the cooling benefits of Aloe Vera juice.
We recently brought it into our Sacha Inchi Rainforest Organics line, including Sacha Inchi oil in the formulation. It is really suitable as an overall moisturizer (especially for oily and youthful skin types), or as a hydrating underlayer for Sacha Phytomousse. We're told it is very helpful to control acne, both teenage and adult.
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