Dragonfly Dreaming® Stings & Things™ Bite Buster

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Stings & Things™ Bite Buster

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Painful reactions to wasp and other insect bites are calmed P.D.Q. with our Stings & Things™, a formulation I put together when my daughter Kate was just a babe. Our organic lavender hydrosol, organic apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, organic tinctures and infused oils - as well as a powerful blend of anti-inflammatory essential oils - bring relief within seconds in many cases. (I myself have watched wasp bite welts, bright red with inflammation and as big around as a baseball completely disappear within 20 minutes of applying Stings&Things™ - no kidding). 

We're bringing this one back at the request of a customer from 18 or so years ago in Winnipeg, where the mozzies are so big (they tell me) they can drag small creatures through the air... not going to Winnipeg too soon, me! 

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