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To us, the Apothecary evokes a time when ‘remedies’ were more related to the ancient art/science/craft of herbalism and alchemy than to the modern era of multinational corporations and ‘nature-identical’ synthetics.

The Apothecary provided plant-based herbal infusions, extractions and distillates, compounded by the botanical chemists who would have trained for years under their mentors in learning the medicinal properties of the plants and how to work with them. Many of these were women who passed the knowledge from mother to daughter, down through the generations.

Here at Dragonfly Dreaming Organics, we know the efficacy of traditional methods because they form the backbone of our products and our family history. From the ground up, we infuse and distill the plants around us, transforming them into useful substances. We have developed hundreds of original unique formulations over a quarter of a century.

Although there is a place for modern ‘pharma’, we have found a positive audience for our more holistic Apothecary approach. Here's a little story about our 'Garden of Epiphany'  for you to enjoy!